SPA experience to Bucharest with 4yourbest

The first SPA ESCAPE is planned to be between the 10th and 14th of april 2017. We look forward to see you!

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4yourbest offers everybody the possibility to esape everyday life, eat healthy and discover a new world! 4yourbest SPA ESCAPE consist of a 4 days SPA experience to the largest SPA in Bucharest.

4yourbest träning tak
4yourbest träningsresa

About the 4yourbest training camp



Tai chi, Aquafitness, Shape your body, Zumba, Running and walking, Beach fun, SPA, Tabata, Sea training.

The hotel

This five and four stars hotel Sentido Pearl is located right on the Mediterranean Sea in Rethymno; it was built in 2009 and consists of a total of 2 buildings of 4 floors of 110 rooms. Concierge , elevator , mini and wifi in public areas are available.

isabelle Badéa


Isabelle has been a fitness instructor for 9 years – she has worked on training trips abroad, has been an inspiration to other leaders and companies, has led warming ups for different running happenings such as Lidingöloppet and Vårruset and has been involved in development projects to help other leaders on the track.

Booking information

1. ****(4) stars double room (share with other)
2. Breakfast, every day
3. Training, minimum 4 classes a day
4. Last evening dinner
5. Flight
6. Bus transfer
= PRICE: 11000 SEK
1.**** (4) stars hotel double room (share with other)
2. Breakfast every day
3. Training, minimum 4 classes a day
4. Last evening dinner
With alternative 2 you need to book your own flight. You could for instance check out or

= PRICE: 9900 SEK
If you wish to have a single room,the price for the trip
will be 1000 SEK more expensive.
The total price for the camp will then be 12000 sek.